Vegetarian frittata

For those who don’t know, we have two delightful Isa Brown chickens called Doris and Daphne. We got Daphne first and she’s top hen. She’s also a little older than Doris and her eggs are bigger. I find having two different sized eggs comes in very handy, especially when breaking down recipes into different quantities….

Mediterranean vegetables and roast lamb

When you’ve got your head deep in the books your oven can become your best friend. It’s an amazing addition to any kitchen that you can more or less throw things into and they come out not only ready to eat, but tasting truly divine. I threw some chopped sweet potato, kipfler potatoes, tomatoes, spanish…

Seafood extraveganza for eleven

On a recent trip to Gerringong we were tasked with providing lunch for 11 people. Keen to try out the local seafood we set off to Kiama Fish Market and stocked up on an array of goodies including oysters, prawns, calamari and a whole jew fish. Lunch went as follows Oysters Natural with a drizzle…

Quick Kangaroo for one

So I’m flying solo while the taller half is in China visiting family. I also had a chilly 4am start this morning due to Federal Budget requirements so I needed something quick and nutritious to ward off the cold. I went for baked sweet potato and spanish onion with loads of thyme served with grilled…

Our first home cooked Aussie meal

Now this is nothing fancy. Taking into consideration the 24 hours in transit via four aeroplanes it’s a minor miracle we managed to cook anything at all. I was dreaming about roo steak on the flight home so I followed dreams and hey presto, a simple dinner of nectarine, pine nut, lettuce and halloumi salad…

What’s up Skip?

Warning. Some cute furry Australian native animals were most definitely harmed in order to create this meal. Kangaroo. It’s lean, tasty, good for you and a more environmentally friendly option than beef. Oh… and it’s cheap. There is so much going for this great source of nutrition I highly recommend trying it if you haven’t….

Cosy collaboration spelt

I had some fantastic spelt pasta in the cupboard dying to be used. I’ve been off bread and pasta for a while now and missing them somewhat terribly at times so I decided to give this stuff a go. It’s so good I can now honestly say I no longer have to miss pasta. Delicious….