Cosy collaboration spelt

I had some fantastic spelt pasta in the cupboard dying to be used. I’ve been off bread and pasta for a while now and missing them somewhat terribly at times so I decided to give this stuff a go. It’s so good I can now honestly say I no longer have to miss pasta. Delicious.

So being Thursday night which is my massage night, I sent a vague email with a list of possible ingredients to my savior of a boyfriend (who makes sure I have something yummy on the table when I get home late) and he concocted what is possibly the best pasta meal I think we’ve ever had at home.

Cosy collaboration spelt

Cubed butternut pumpkin (roasted)
Cubed sweet potato (roasted)
Crumbled feta
Handful of toasted pine nuts (I toast in the frying pan with no oil where I can keep an eye on them as I’ve had too many fail boats using the oven)
Big handful of baby spinach
Crispy prosciutto
Grated parmesan
Couple of tbs basil pesto
Spelt pasta spirals

Basically get all the ingredients ready, cook the pasta until al dente then combine and top with parmesan and cracked pepper.


Buon appetito!


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