Seafood extraveganza for eleven

On a recent trip to Gerringong we were tasked with providing lunch for 11 people. Keen to try out the local seafood we set off to Kiama Fish Market and stocked up on an array of goodies including oysters, prawns, calamari and a whole jew fish.

Lunch went as follows


Natural with a drizzle of lime juice

Salad 1: Quinoa, kalamata olive and semi sun dried tomato

I boiled enough white quinoa for 11 people and mixed it whilst warm with the remaining ingredients roughly chopped.

Salad 2: Roast veges with rocket and parmesan

I simply roasted sweet potato sliced and zuchhinis quartered with some mushrooms. I like to roast the mushrooms whole then halve after roasting as they retain their flavour. Then I put all the ingredients in a massive bowl on top of a bed of rocket then once fairly cool shaved parmesan over the top.

Mediterranean calamari and prawns

6 squid tubes sliced into 1cm rings
1 kg of green prawns heads removed
4 truss tomatoes diced
1 spanish onion finely chopped
4 cloves of garlic crushed
1/4-1/2 cup of verjuice

I put sauteed the onion and garlic in a massive pot then added the tomatoes and verjuice and let simmer until the tomatoes broke down into a sauce like consistency. Then I threw in the prawns and calamari and cooked for a couple of minutes until just done. Then I served with chopped flat leafed parsley.

Stuffed jewfish

I took one massive jew fish and stuffed it with about 200g of ricotta, some torn basil leaves and half a spanish onion sliced into rings. Then I coated the top of the jew fish with prosciutto and baked for about 40 mins on about 180ºC.

All in all it was a great meal.


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