What’s up Skip?

Warning. Some cute furry Australian native animals were most definitely harmed in order to create this meal.

Kangaroo. It’s lean, tasty, good for you and a more environmentally friendly option than beef. Oh… and it’s cheap. There is so much going for this great source of nutrition I highly recommend trying it if you haven’t.

It goes great with apple and potato mash, beetroot, stewed shallots, anchovy butter, blood orange and fennel salad. So many options for pairing with a simple kangaroo fillet or steak.

This particular meal cooked by my talented bf, pairs the steak with sweet potato mash and a simple salad. A quick, easy and healthy weeknight meal. Kangaroo steak is cooked a little differently to beef. As it does not have the fat content it may have a tendency to dry out and this is avoided by turning the meat a few times during cooking. For an average sized kangaroo fillet we have found cooking for 2 minutes/turning/2 minutes/turning/2 minutes/turning/2 minutes is best for a succulent medium-rare.


And in true Aussie slang. ‘gititindeeya!’


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