Catching up

So I’ve been scanning through some photos I took of our food and produce over the last few months while I was studying and thought some of them are just too awesome to not share. Such as our first crop of peas, now that was a satisfying time taking a break from study and shelling them for adding into various meals. And making breakfast with our freshly laid eggs (thanks Doris and Daphne) and our latest batch of home made bacon.

I hope you enjoy seeing what we’ve been up to in the garden and the kitchen.

Home made duck prosciutto. This was orangy and zingy and please can we make more?


Home grown peas. Made me feel like a child through my memories and a grown up through the pure act of growing them. And don’t they taste amazing.


Home made bacon, freshly laid eggs, marinated mushrooms with goats feta and home made rhubarb jelly. Now to get back to that sourdough starter project and self sufficient breakfast will be taken care of. (Don’t mind the chipped plate – things have been busy.)


Perfecting what I’ve come to call the queen of salads. I have a zillion variations of this now but essentially there are tomatoes (skin removed), potatoes, boiled eggs and a variety of herbaceous materials from the garden. Asparagus and beans often feature. Bacon or prosciutto could get a look in. Hot smoked salmon pops in perfectly. I dress her up in various costumes involving flavoured olive oils, salt, pepper, vinegars and mustards and she always goes down an absolute treat. Full of home grown flavours and healthy awesomeness. Salads become a bit of a preoccupation and pet project between the books and feeding my body really helped during that intense period of mind food. I’ll post more on salads as they deserve an update of their own.



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