Study salad season

So this is what I was up to during my study breaks. Making salads. Lots of them. It didn’t quite stave off the couch potatoey-ness of having to sit for an entire four months but I’d imagine things could have been a lot worse had I not been in pursuit of the divine salad.

I hope this inspires you to embrace all things fresh, healthy and even home grown.

Green salad with halloumi

Mixed salad greens (including rocket)
Mixed herbs finely chopped (home grown chives, parsley and mint)
Finely chopped shallots (home grown)
Cucumber (diced)
Halloumi (pan fried)
Honey/mustard/balsamic dressing


Queen of salads (tomato, potato, egg and herbs)

Tomatoes (soaked in boiling water with skin removed) halved
Potato sliced into rounds then boiled until just done
Eggs boiled until ‘just hard’ halved
Finely chopped herbs (home grown chives, mint and parsley)
Mixed greens
Pepper infused olive oil dressing


Spanish inspired asparagus, potato and anchovy salad with olive oil


Oven dried tomato and fennel with parmesan and cumin crisps salad


Tomato, coriander, spanish onion, lime juice and olive oil salsa


Oven roasted capsicum, tomato, garlic and onion couscous salad with parsley


Queen of salads with hot smoked chili salmon

English spinach
Boiled potato rounds
Tomatoes soaked in boiling water, skins removed then halved
Eggs boiled until ‘just’ done then halved
Blanched green beans cut on the diagonal
Herbs (home grown parsley, mint and chives)
Lemon infused olive oil
1 fillet of hot smoked salmon


Mozerella, spinach, herb and zesty cream dressing

Mozerella torn into chunks
Spinach (home grown) sliced and steamed
Herbs (home grown chives, dill and parsley)
Lemon juice, olive oil and sour cream or yoghurt dressing
Cracked pepper



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