Simple breakfast with added decandence

As a result of our gourmet feast we have a few pretty speccy ingredients in the fridge which I’ll be using to ramp up a few staples over time. For this simple breakfast I decided to use the salmon roe but the truffle paste is staring at me and begging to be combined with eggs as well. Decisions decisions.

Scrambled eggs with herbs and salmon roe.

Serves two.

6 eggs lightly beaten with a fork
2 teaspoons salmon roe
Mixed herbs finely chopped (this included chives, parsley and dill)

Heat a drizzle of olive oil in a frying pan and add eggs and herbs. I try not to over stir eggs when I scrambling them or they loose their creaminess so resist and simply turn the eggs over a few times until almost done – the eggs will continue to cook for a short time so don’t overdo them or they’ll go hard. Stir through Salmon roe and serve garnished with some home grown tomatoes. Too easy. Too fabulous.



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