Meals in the madness

The last month has been pretty busy so I thought I’d cheat and pop up some of the on-the-go stuff that I’ve made during this time.

My taller half dreamed of having chicken sausages for breakfast. He was actually sleep talking about it and I had a strange sleep-talky conversation with him and decided to make that dream come true. I served them with stewed figs and tomatoes, scrambled eggs with black truffle paste and delicious chicken and corn gourmet sausages from my local butcher. Great dream, thanks Sasha.


One of my favourite things to serve with scrambled eggs is salmon roe. This breakfast was really simple. Creamy scrambled eggs with chives and salmon roe. It doesn’t get much better than that.


Speedy weeknight dinner of porcini and pumpkin penne topped with parmesan and parsley. A fabulous tasty vegetarian dinner option. I promise I’ll get around to blogging some of the fabulous dip recipes I used for a recent BBQ. I think I finally nailed the ultimate hummous. Stay tuned!



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