Pulled pork and slaw rolls

Who doesn’t love them? We recently smoked an extra pork shoulder at our BBQ so we could have a stockpile of pulled pork for various uses on hand. What better way to put it to use but in a fresh fluffy white roll with home made coleslaw. The coleslaw got the thumbs up. My taller half said it has now ruined him for store bought slaw for good.

The ingredients of the slaw are as follows

1 1/2 cups of finely sliced Chinese cabbage
1 decent sized carrot – grated
1 small spanish onion – finely sliced
1 decent bunch of chopped dill (or to taste)
Lemon juice (to taste)
Whole egg mayonnaise (I use the Japanese Kewpie stuff because it’s fabulous) (to taste)

Place a helping on top of shredded smokedIMG_9202F pork and eat. Too easy!


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