Trio of sliders

First of all I am very excited as I have finally found a source of slider buns. Hooray. Sliders make so much sense to me. I mean why would you have just one large burger in one flavour when you can have three small ones in three different flavours?

I’ve been on a mission to find the perfect slider recipes for quite some time and although I’ve seen ans tasted quite a few good ones I wanted more experimentation and this is what I settled with.

Classic fish burger with home made tartare sauce
Lamb souvlaki burgers (spiced lamb patties, deconstructed tabbouleh and baba ghanoush)
Marinated mushrooms with blue cheese sauce vege burgers

The result was all shades of WIN! I’ll definitely make this trio again. Each one was unique in it’s flavour and worked perfectly as a group. I love it when a plan comes together. And aren’t they cute?



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