Great breakfast produce

This post is more about the produce choice than the meal itself. As you can see the meal is quite simple.

Breakfast is my most favourite meal, specifically on the weekends. It’s such a treat to have a leisurely breakfast and I love the array of options within this simple meal that are inherently possible due to the particular foods  ‘traditionally’ eaten at this time.

Now this looks like a simple meal of bacon, eggs and tomato but it’s the produce sourcing that I really want to talk about. I wish I’d taken a photo of these eggs next to your average ‘large’ sized free range supermarket bought eggs but we did weigh them and they were around twice the weight of our usual eggs and double the size. I bought them at Eveleigh Markets  at the train yards on Wilson Street at the city end of Newtown. I can’t rate these markets highly enough for the variety and quality of produce, so if you’re in the neighbourhood do check them out.

The eggs are from the Pope stall and are free range and enormous. I have no idea what they feed these chickens or if it’s selective breeding but I’ve never seen eggs this big. They are behemoths. The bacon is from the Eumundi smokehouse stall. I’d love to give more of their goods a try but I invariably head straight for the bacon. It’s not as good as the bacon I bought about a year or so ago in Orange at their farmers market which was the smokiest and most divine I’ve ever had but it still rates very highly.

So that’s my tip on the bacon and egg front if you’re in my locality. It’s also a reminder to everyone, that well-chosen produce can turn a basic meal into a gourmet delight that leaves a mark of the memory.


Enjoy. 🙂


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