The good produce omelette.

With the leftover eggs and bacon from the Eveleigh Markets I decided to try actually cooking with them rather than serving them straight up and made an omelette.

4×110 gram eggs
smokey bacon (chopped and pre cooked)
2 teaspoons of marinated goats feta with the herb oil it is infused with
1/4 spanish onion diced
1 small handfull of chives finely chopped
1/2 a tomato, diced

Whisk eggs the put into a hot oiled non stick pan and turn the heat down to half. As it starts to bubble sprinkle in all ingredients on one half only. Cook on medium heat until you can see the base mixture is really set then using a spatula carefully fold half the omelette base over the top of the half that has the ingredients on it. Keep cooking until it appears that there is just a little raw egg mixture left in the centre. This will continue to cook as you serve and an omelette is best when the inside is still just a tiny bit underdone. Slice down the middle the opposite way to turning it while it’s in the pan and serve half pers person. Muey Bien!

And yes. That is a round plate.




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  1. PTR says:

    Gasp! A round plate! You’ve been h4x0red!

    I just wanted to say that your Brazilian chicken and rice soup made my mouth water like nothing else. It was incredibly Pavlovian.

    ps a splash of white wine in the eggs makes an omelette come to life!

    1. idevour says:

      Thanks PTR. I loved the addition of the rice to it. Sash didn’t like it. Thought it was boring. No accounting for taste I say. I’ll try your tip on the eggs next time. Cheers.

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