Mexican ceviche salad with crispy tortilla chips

We were supposed to have a dinner guest and bought a mountain of seafood with which to make Mexican treats and wash down with our selection of fine mescals. Sadly they cancelled so we waded through the mountain of seafood over the next few days starting with a typical Mexican ceviche salad served with crispy…

Too easy

Throw BBQ prawns on the que and serve with your favourite salad and a slice of lime. Enjoy

Celebrity Iron Chef Vietnamese

My taller half strikes again with the Asian flavours, this time with a fantastic marinated tofu and vietnamese noodle salad. Chúc ngon miệng

More tasty marinated chicken mexican inspirations

I made corn wraps (due to lack of tortillas) on Saturday night again. Practising the mexicano is tres awesome. Marinated chicken breast (lime juice, chilli, garlic, coriander) Coriander Sliced avocado Spanish onion, tomato and chilli salsa White mozzerella Simple and divine. I think the use of the really white mozzeralla was a much better result…