Scientifically special Korean fried chicken wings

I was going to call this post ‘Scientifically perfect Korean fried chicken wings’ but perfection when it comes to food is often subjective. I was, however, suitably impressed by how much time and effort the fellow who came up with this specific recipe put into the trial and error of determining the best combination of…

Celebrity Iron Chef Vietnamese

My taller half strikes again with the Asian flavours, this time with a fantastic marinated tofu and vietnamese noodle salad. Chúc ngon miệng

What’s up Skip?

Warning. Some cute furry Australian native animals were most definitely harmed in order to create this meal. Kangaroo. It’s lean, tasty, good for you and a more environmentally friendly option than beef. Oh… and it’s cheap. There is so much going for this great source of nutrition I highly recommend trying it if you haven’t….