Four course birthday dinner

So I recently reduced my work hours to 4 days a week which means less money to spend on food but more time to cook it. Oh the irony. Having said that it had reinvigorated my creativity through the need to be more thrifty with my purchases and with a plethora of factory shop fronts in my local area things aren’t so bad. Fresh seafood, cheese and pasta at factory prices just a bike ride away makes for a great day out on my extra day off and so far it’s working out just fine.

The biggest test in this new phase in my life came in the form of my taller half’s birthday dinner recently, which have traditionally liked to make a bit of an extravegant affair. After just over an hour on the bike and with a backpack literally overflowing with goodies, I ended up with four delicious courses worth of fresh local produce. No I didn’t grow/catch/kill it all myself but that’s still not a bad effort in my books. And I’m pretty sure my taller half enjoyed his dinner.

Course 1

Burrata and fig salad with Brasserie Bread sourdough

Course 2

Fresh oysters served both natural and with French oyster dressing

Course 3

Rainbow trout linguine with truffle cream sauce

Course 4

Pears poached in white wine with saffron, cinnamon and vanilla

Bon apetit!

IMG_9379F IMG_9382F IMG_9387F IMG_9392F


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