Mexican madness

I love our home made Mexican food. Despite the Mexican food wave sweeping the Australian landscape, the stuff we make at home comes the closest to satisfying the desire we have for the flavours we had in Mexico.

Now the problem with being too busy to post some of these recipes when we actually made them, is that I’ve forgotten exactly what we put in them and that is part of the beauty of keeping this blog. If we ever nail a dish I can come here and look up exactly what we did and replicate.

This time I’ll just have to be satisfied with putting up some pictures and describing the general gist.

So we had chicken tacos. I seem to recall the chicken being marinated in cumin, tumeric, lemon juice and a bunch of other stuff. It was amazing so I wish I could remember exactly what we used in this marinade. Then we served it with some basic tomato, spanish onion and coriander salsa, chopped avocado, a little grated cheese, home made chili sauce, habañero tobasco and neat little home made masa flour tacos.

They look so cute on a plate it’s way too easy to eat many.






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