Super special birthday dinner

It’s been a while since I’ve updated and a few things have happened since my last post including having a birthday and traveling to Las Vegas and New York City for a holiday. All of which was fabulously awesome. Apart from all the delicious food we scoffed down in NYC I still have the wonderful memory of this fantastic meal my taller half made me the weekend before we flew out and it’s most worthy of a blog post. I was not privy to the recipes for this epic dining experience so you’ll have to be satisfied with being inspired by the photos only. I was one very lucky girl.

Cold cream of cauliflower soup with black caviar. Paired with a Pisco Sour as an aperitif.

Pacific Oysters with Salmon Roe and rice wine vinaigrette. Paired with a 2009 clonakilla viognier

Raw Hiramasa with sour, salty and fragrant dressing and summer truffle carpaccio. Continued with viognier.

Lamb backstrap with quinoa, chargrilled corn & red capsicum, coriander and topped with chilli lime dressing, with Aussie blood lime wedges. Paired with a Tempranillo.

Chocolate and Grand Marnier creme brule with fresh raspberries. Paired with a late harvest dessert wine from NZ.

Saint Argur and Fromage d’affinois, quince paste, caviar and lavash bread.


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    1. idevour says:

      More than likely. Well spotted. 🙂

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