Epic weekend of awesome produce

Last weekend we went on a few missions around town sourcing some of the best produce Sydney has to offer. First stop was Dank Street for a visit to Fratelli Fresh where we picked up some tomatoes, bocconcini, baby carrots and had brunch at Cafe Sopra. We ducked into Sonoma for a kalamata olive sourdough then around the corner to Patisse for some of the most divine french cakes I’ve ever laid eyes on. My taller half has been dying to take a trip over to Victor Churchill Butchers so we headed there and ogled all the amazing meat products and checked out their aging room complete with back wall made entirely from bricks of pink himalayan salt. We purchased some duck/orange terrine and some gherkins and then the lovely chap in the deli section gave us a sample of some prosciutto. Well, we only made it about 4 steps in the opposite direction before we turned and headed back to the counter to buy some of this divine meat product. At $400 a kilo we opted for a rather small, yet satisfying amount and walked away with our wares as he lured another pair of unsuspecting victims into his trap. Great sales technique and totally worth being sucked in. I popped up to the local gourmet butcher and grabbed some lamb loin chops and kicked off the eating extravaganza.

Dinner Saturday night included the lamb chops marinated in a mixture of anchovies, mint, parsley, lemon juice and olive oil. Insalata caprese using the tomatoes and bocconcini from Fratelli Fresh, basil from our garden and a balsamic glaze. Sonoma kalamata olive sourdough with Pepe Saya butter. A chocolate mousse like cake with salted caramel and hazel nuts and another vanilla, pistaccio and rose cake from Patisse.

Sunday morning breakfast included our own house smoked bacon, freshly laid poached eggs, Fratellii Fresh tomatoes all on Sonoma’s kalamata olive bread with cracked pepper.

Sunday snack/lunch included Victor Churchill prosciutto, duck/orange terrine, gherkins, more tomatoes, St Agur cheese, anchovies and more sourdough.

On Sunday I rode over to Marrickville markets. My mission: to source some amazing potatoes for dinner. There is a stall there that has a wonderful variety of potatoes and on the lady’s recommendation I bought some sapphire potatoes. The last bag. They were amazing. Such a rich full bodied flavour and great texture.

Sunday nights dinner included roast chicken with my favourite stuffing made from real bread, baby carrots from Fratelli Fresh, peas, gravy and sapphire potatoes roasted in himalayan pink salt, olive oil and thyme. What a great weekend of eating amazing food.


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