My favourite canapé

Most people who know me, know that I love anchovies. I used to eat a jar for lunch occasionally, love to spread them on toast with a boiled egg and have been known to chase the odd tequila shot down with one.

This really simple canapé makes an appearance at nearly every do at our house, no matter how big or small said do happens to be.

You can use any kind of bread really. I prefer a baguette or a sourdough baguette for mine. You can make them bite sized or entree sized. So flexible, so easy and so delicious.

All you need is a packet or tub of good quality anchovies – you could use those jars of little hairy ones but it won’t be anywhere near as ‘WIN’ as the soft marinated ones, a tin of tomato paste, freshly grated parmesan, bread sliced about 1/2cm thick and some freshly torn basil leaves. Simply spread a sparing layer of tomato paste onto the bread slices, top with parmesan, half an anchovy and some basil leaves then place under grill until parmesan begins to melt.

That’s it. Eat away.


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