Corny breakfast treat with delicious honey and recently made basil pesto

This is so delicious although I think I can improve on the fritter recipe. I’d like to try one using buttermilk. Basically I mixed an adequate amount of ricotta with honey (mmm), cooked the fritters and topped them basil pesto then plated it all up. Hey p[r]esto! Breakfast. Have it with your favourite cup of…

Basil pesto


My basil is coming to an end and I need to use it up before it turns yellow and loses it’s amazing flavour. I’ve had my eye on this recipe for a while that teaches you to make pesto like an italian grandmother.

Basically it leaves out the use of electrical appliances so you hand chop the pesto and it makes so much difference. Instead of being a paste it becomes a very fine salsa and the flavours can be distinguished. Personally I love it. I even enjoyed the process.