There is no excuse for eating badly in the bush

We were lucky enough to head off over Easter for an extended break camping in the beautiful Hat Head National Park at a camp site called Smokey Cape which was set in a little rainforest at the foot of a headland with 4WD access to a long and spectacular beach. We took some ingredients to make various delicious treats and attempted a little self sufficiency with a fishing rod. Thank goodness we weren’t relying on this as the fish weren’t biting so the local co-op helped out by supplying us with our seafood meal. Lucky for us there were a zillion pipis on the beach so we collected a modest share which I cooked up to have with our ‘bought’ fish. Not too bad an effort and if you’ve ever collected pipis you’d know how much fun it is.

Now I didn’t capture every meal we had over five days but here are some of the highlights we enjoyed with nothing but a two burner stove, limited fridge space and a milk crate full of ingredients. And a couple of landscape shots for good measure.

Amazing sand dunes

Oysters with lime juice and strawberries with champagne

Prawns on fresh rolls with lime wedges

Lamb curry with basmati wice and cucumber riata

Beef chipolatas with hash browns, avocado, eggs and tomato

Freshly collected pipis

Salad with bocconcini and aged balsamic

Pips cooked in verjuice, tomato and onion

Fish, pipis, hash browns and salad with lime wedges

Hat head beach

Smokey Cape Lighthouse

What a weekend of bliss.


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