Sunday night roast lamb rack with italian salad

I popped down to Marrickville markets on Sunday and grabbed 2 lovely lamb racks for roasting. I was a bit excited by all the amazing produce they have there. If you live in the area definitely pop in. I coated the lamb racks in a mixture of dijon mustard, fresh thyme, olive oil and lemon juice and popped them in the oven on 180º C, with a little white wine in the base of the pan, for about 40 minutes or until done to your liking (I like mine just done).

Now this is one of my favourite salads. Mostly because it’s a great way to use up that amazing bread you bought last week that’s gone somewhat brick like but you can’t bear to throw out. We bought a fabulous sourdough in Berry the weekend before and it was breaking my heart seeing the last third go to waste.

Italian salad

5 tomatoes – irregularly chopped into medium pieces
1 spanish onion sliced like pie into thin pieces
2 handfuls of fresh basil
leftover stale bread
olive oil
good quality balsamic vinegar

Now depending on how stale your bread is (mine was like a rock) you might want to make this in two stages. First I added the tomato, bread and onion into a bowl and drizzled well with olive oil, leaving for a while so the oil and tomato juice can soak into the bread and soften it up a little. When I’m ready to serve I add the basil and salt and pepper and toss well. Then I drizzle again with a little olive oil and some balsamic. The bread should have softened a little but still have some hard bits giving them a toasted crouton like quality… great for soaking up all the juices in the salad… or on your plate.


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