Local cafe excitement

So I recently discovered in the barren cafe wasteland that is my neighbourhood, a new cafe had opened recently of some apparent excellence. Interestingly I walked past it every day not paying much attention until I discovered it is receiving rather great reviews and decided immediately to make the time to drop in. I’m glad I did. At PS cafe they are serving marvelous greek influenced food that offers a difference to the run of the mill cafe fare we seem to be saturated with in Sydney. Apart from a few destination spots in Sydney, and not wanting to buy too much into the Sydney versus Melbourne debate, Melbourne does seem to offer a lot more breakfast with a difference variety.

The guys at PS are making everything on site which appeals to me. They obviously care about their food. I had the greek baked eggs which comes a lovely little pan full of cheesy eggy goodness and house made sausages served with a lovely soft elastic flat bread. High accolades go to the freshly squeezed orange juice. I am a bit of a juice purist so with breakfast I do like just plain orange juice and I must say I am usually disappointed by my juice order. It’s funny how you only start to think about what is wrong with things until someone gets it right but the tiny and usually warm glass of drink (have you ever drunk warm orange juice? – it’s really not very nice) is really not worth the $6-7 you pay at the average cafe these days. I know it’s freshly squeezed but it’s oranges for heavens sake. PS does it the best. My juice came in a giant metal milkshake container (massive) and was icy cold right up until I’d finished my breakfast. heaven.

And just for a novel treat I ordered the vanillachilla. A quirky little dessert type drink that has an ‘almost soft’ sweet vanilla lolly in a spoon dipped into a glass of icy water. At $2 it’s refreshing, cute and worth a try. Thanks PS for invigorating my love for my neighbourhood. It’s located right next door to Dulwich Hill Station so if you’re in the area drop in.


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