A game with a pickle

So it turns out that even the internet is a small world and as it turns out there is a lovely woman who is married to a school friend’s brother who has a delightful blog that includes many foodie things. Check Inner Pickle out. Particularly if you’re a fan of made from scratch, home grown or have a slight sweet tooth. I’m more a fan of the former but in any case it’s a genuinely delightful read.

This will by my first ever non-recipe blog post but all in aid of being a good sport. Inner Pickle’s idea is to get people sharing their menu plan for a week. It’s not only a great way to inspire but also a bit of a fun observation of the differences in people’s lifestyle habits. Even not having a plan is ok so I’m going to be as honest and do it again at the end of the week to see how closely it matched what I thought would happen and fill in the gaps that I know exist.

Monday: Crab and apple salad. I’d been wanting to experiment with this for a long time and being home alone gave me the perfect opportunity. It wasn’t THAT great but I’m convinced it can be with some work.

Tuesday: It’s valentines day. We’re splitting dinner into bits and making it special. I lost the coin toss so I’ve got main course. My taller half will do entrée and dessert and I’m pretty sure I’m going to make a mussel pot with a decadent creamy white wine sauce. ‘Pretty sure’ is probably not good enough as it is tonight but I have faith.

Wednesday: No idea, my taller half will cook.

Thursday: Same as Wednesday.

Friday: We will probably stop in at Olivers as we will be on the road to up near Foster to see the Taller Half’s mum.

Saturday: Whatever the plan ends up being at the ranch.

Sunday: Probably takeaway Thai as we will have driven back that day.

Thanks for the game Pickle. 🙂


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