Chicken tacos with yoghurt and tomato salsa

It’s amazing what you can do with what’s in the cupboard/fridge sometimes. This was thrown together just before Christmas when the urge to do anything shopping or cooking wise was running at a low ebb. My taller half is the taco master making them fresh from masa flour with our taco press.

I marinated the chicken for a couple of hours in lime juice, coriander, garlic, finely diced spanish onion and chili.

The tomato salsa is simply finely diced tomato, spanish onion, coriander and lime juice.

Normally we’d top this with a white cheese similar to the style we had on most tacos in Mexico but when all else fails a dollop of yoghurt sufficed.

What can you scrape together out of your cupboard that surprises you with it’s satisfying tastiness?


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