Mixed seafood donburi and japanese kimchi (kimuchi)

This is a little time consuming if you don’t already have dashi stock on hand. I tend to make up batches of it and freeze them. It’s a very simple stock to make but I do believe you can buy it pre-made if you choose.

I’ve only ever made chicken donburi before but decided that marinara mix tastes great with just about any sauce and how could I go wrong. It tasted great and will definitely make again.

1 white onion roughly chopped
300 grams marinara mix
1 cup dashi stock
1/4 cup mirin
50 ml soy sauce
Finely sliced shallots
3 eggs and one yolk very mildly mixed
1 cup of boiled sushi rice

Place dashi, mirin and soy sauce into a frying pan and add onion and simmer for a couple of minutes, add marinara mix and simmer until done. Not the secret to making the don great is in getting the egg right. It shouldn’t be too mixed and when you put it in the frying pan it just needs VERY a quick stir through then pop on the lid and cook for about one minute. The idea is that is should still be a little undercooked as it will continue cooking once it is served onto the hot rice. If you follow a similar rule to making perfect scrambled eggs you’ll nail it.

Serve and top with chopped shallots.



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