Crazy quick potato gratin with salmon and mediterranean flavours

I’m not entirely sure I knew what I was making on my way home on Tuesday but I did manage to buy some asparagus and some salmon portions. After a bit of creative thought and checking on the availability of ingredients in the fridge/pantry, a plan started to come together.

I decided to put some thinly sliced starchy potato and thinly sliced onion in layers into ramekins then topped with some marinated goats feta and a couple of teaspoons of the marinated goats feta oil (which is full of herbs). I then cooked these in the oven on about 200ºC for about half an hour. Check it after about 20 minutes and poke with a skewer to see if the potato is cooked through.

Meanwhile I sauteed some garlic, capers and diced black olives in a big heavy based pan for a few minutes to infuse the flavours then I added in about 1/2 a cup of wine. I placed the salmon portions in and cooked with the lid on, on a medium heat for about 5 minutes. You can really do the fish to your liking at this stage. We tend to like our salmon very rare in the middle still. Once you serve the fish onto the potato and onion gratin you can then reduce whatever liquid is left in the pan and serve over the top of the fish.

Then top with steamed asparagus and a teaspoon of basil pesto. It really is so great to be able to throw something together on the fly that satisfies all desires for fresh, flavoursome and nutritious food.



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