Pea soup with home made bacon croutons


I sent this recipe to my taller half when he was out ideas for soup last week. It’s a really quick recipe that’s easily doable on a weeknight. We altered the recipe a little bit by substituting the chervil with flat leaf parsley and adding in some crispy fried croutons at the end made from our home made bacon.

The salty smokey bacon contrasted with the lovely sweet pea soup beautifully.

The cook and the chef pea soup recipe



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  1. PTR says:

    Wait – did you say “home made bacon”? Sounds awesome – what’s the story behind that? Is it something mere mortals could accomplish?

  2. idevour says:

    Yep. And yes mere mortals can do this. We bought a book on charcuterie. We cured the pork belly with salt, sugar and maple syrup in a sealed bag for about a week then hung it in our back fridge for 24 hours before smoking it on a really low heat in our drum smoker. We slightly overdid it but the flavour is AMAZING. Next time we will do it better. You also don’t NEED to smoke it. Although it is a desirable flavour you can make amazing bacon in the oven. Sash is going to try cheese making this weekend. 🙂

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