Winter roast lamb with pears, potatoes and beans


My taller half took a trip to Establishment 218 on Saturday while I was in class and considering the weather was absolutely dreadful I decided to make a roast out of two lamb mini roasts he had bought. I dressed the lamb with garlic, rosemary and anchovies then roasted it on 180ºC on the lowest oven tray for four hours in red wine. At this point it was falling apart beautifully.

During the last hour of roasting I put some pontiac potatoes, halved pears (I got some great small ones from Paddy’s market), a whole head of garlic, olive oil and rosemary in a roasting tin on the top shelf of the oven. Once I removed the lamb to rest I turned the heat up to 220ºC to crisp up the potatoes and put some beans on to steam.

I also made gravy using the pan juices and a small amount of cornflour.

Heavenly on a cold rainy long weekend. The quality of the meat at Establishment 218 is fantastic. Highly recommend.



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