Vegetarian stuffed baby pumpkin with a side of halloumi


So my taller half’s mum has an amazing fruit and vegetable garden on her small farm and she recently gave us some of the cutest little pumpkins I’ve ever seen. It seemed a crime to cut them up so I opted for baking them whole and stuffing them. I went for a red quinoa based stuffing with paprika, cumin, carrot, spanish onion and parsley as seasoning then topped with some leftover labneh marinated with paprika.

On the side I served halloumi fried with lemon slices then topped with chopped parsley.

I baked the pumpkin for about 40 minutes on 180ºC (or until the centre is soft – check with a long skewer). Then I cut a small round hole in the top and scooped the seeds out carefully without damaging the pumpkin shell. The skin on these small pumpkins is soft as sweet and totally eatable.

I boiled the quinoa in vege stock then mixed through the rest of the ingredients which had been sautéd until just soft. Then I carefully stuffed into the pumpkin topping with the labneh.


Bacon would go really well in the quinoa mix if you wanted to add some meat flavour.



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