Miso flavoured perch with jasmine rice and bok choy

Arrrrgggghhhhh. Summer has seen my life be way to hectic to keep the blog more up to date. Aside from altered eating habits over the Christmas season there has been a fair amount of time spent away from home. Less cooking and fewer photos has led to a bit of a hiatus. Fortunately life has been full of fun stuff but I am going to do my best to start updating more regularly again.

Starting off simple and healthy for the new year, this dish contains very little oil and is quick and easy to make – ‘quick and easy’ being my mid week mantra when it comes to food.

2 pieces of reasonably sized white fish fillets. I used perch but ling or even cod would work well.
1 tablespoon of miso. I used red miso but I think white would be a preferable option.
1 teaspoon peanut oil
1 tablespoon mirin
1 tablespoon sesame seeds
1 bunch of bok choy
1 cup of jasmine rice

Mix together the mirin, miso and peanut oil and coat one side of the fish fillets leaving to stand for about half an hour. Sprinkle with sesame seeds then bake in an oven heated to about 180ºc for approximately 20 minutes.

Meanwhile cook the rice and steam the bok choy.

When fish is done simply serve. You could also sprinkle the top with sliced shallots of desired.



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