A foray into japanese

My lovely friend Katie and I went a did a great little Japanese Comfort Food course at the Chef’s Armoury a couple of weeks ago and I’m finding it fun attacking this cuisine in a different way. The first thing I did was to replicate exactly some of the dishes that were made on the day that we really enjoyed. It’s a beautiful little shop with some of the most amazing knives I’ve ever seen with price tags akin to a small house in the country.

The recipes for each of the items are all here. Great website too.

Chef\’s Armoury

First I made the dashi stock which was neccessary for the following dishes. Then I made Goma ae with spinach, a fantastic healthy dish with beautiful butty flavours of sesame seeds. To accompany this I also made Oyako Don, a dish that we were told would have been made in most households in Japan and is a wonderful comforting dish.These dishes use no oil either, so are really healthy.



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  1. katy says:

    yum – great little shop & a fun day. food looks comforting & super tasty – just as it should be. love the snaps. good news that the dashi worked out ; )

    1. idevour says:

      It was a lovely afternoon lady. 🙂

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