Fresh apple puree and crispy pork belly

We had an absolutely awesome dinner on Saturday night at Darleys restaurant at Lilianfels in Katoomba. It was voted best regional restaurant in NSW and has two hats. I was inspired.

Darleys at Lilianfels

we drove back to the big smoke via the Bells Line of Road and stopped into one of the 9 apples shops (yes we were counting) at Bilpin to get some fresh apples and I decided what better to have a delicious apple puree with but Crispy pork belly.

I kept this meal really simple by scoring and salting the pork belly skin and roasting it on about 160ºC for about 2 hours then cranking the heat for about 20 minutes to 220ºC to crisp up the skin. I added in some potato diced into smallish cubes to cook in the beautiful pork belly fat and served this with baby peas. There really is nothing like cooking potato in animal fats for superb crispness.

For the apple puree I simply sauteed 2 chopped apples for about half an hour on a low heat with a bit of water then blended until smooth.




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  1. Shandos says:

    I’m waiting on a voucher to spend a weekend at Lilianfels with dinner at Darley’s, which I won in a competition. It’s wonderful to hear some great feedback on Darley’s – I’m really looking forward to eating there!

    1. idevour says:

      Awesome Shandos. Go the tasting menu if you can. It was flawless. Matching wines were also sublime. Service was attentive yet casual. Such a relaxing evening in the warmth. Congrats on winning that. Great prize.

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