Turkey, craisin, mushroom, almond and wild rice pilaf

I’ve been having a hankering for wild rice. I absolutely love the texture of it and it’s so good for you. I also love the flavour of nuts and raisins in food which are common in various Moroccan dishes. The sweet and savoury flavours are accentuated by the soft and crunchy textures. In trying to keep this healthy I chose to use turkey breast which is fairly low in cholesterol so craisins (dried cranberries) seemed like a logical addition to this dish. For two people the recipe is as follows.

150g turkey breast (roughly chopped)
1 large handful of craisins
1 medium handful of almond slivers
About 12 small field mushrooms halved
1 packet of wild rice (wild rice usually comes in small packets here)
2 cups chicken stock (or one cup and one cup of water)
1 small bunch of chopped parsley

Sautée wild rice in pan with a little oil until rice is coated then add chicken stock and boil for bout 15 minutes. Mix turkey, almonds, mushrooms and craisins in, and place in a glass baking dish. Add a little water until ingredients are just covered and bake in oven on about 200ºC until liquid is absorbed (about half an hour). Remove from oven and mix parsley through then serve.

Note: Wild rice is a type of grass that is closely related to one particular genus of rice.
Wiki definition



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