Breakfast with Karen


With my taller half being away in China it was a nice time to have some breakfast company with my friend Karen.

I grilled some medium sized mushrooms with a lovely marinated goats feta, roasted capsicum and shredded zucchini strips with some olive oil and fresh thyme, grilled a couple of lovely middle rashers of bacon and scrambled some fresh farm eggs from my taller half’s mother’s chickens with some fresh chives from the garden.

I accompanied this with my favourite English Breakfast tea. It’s an organic blend from T2 which I absolutely adore the round flavours of to the pint of serious addiction.

It was a lovely start to a beautiful day.



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  1. Karen says:

    What a delight it was to have been albe to not only share breaky with Melsy the amazingly wonderful awesome chef, but I was also able to devour this dish!! YUMBO!!!!!

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