Vegetarians may want to avert their vision


Been a while since I posted sorry. Life’s been hectic. We had some respite from the genral chaos of life last weekend and put the smoker to good use. Excuse my pic of the smoker Sasha built. My camera was AWOL at the time of it’s construction. I absolutely love the smoker. Apart from a bit of effort getting it going and rubbing/brining/saucing the meats, once they are on they cook themselves and you’re left with a fridge full of delicious goodies for the week.

This time we smoked pork belly, pork ribs, a whole chicken and a whole rainbow trout. The pork belly was covered with s pice rub, as was the chicken. The pork ribs were covered with a spice rub and a bbq sauce and the ocean trout was marinated in a brine for 24 hours. The outcome was delicious. If you know anyone handy and have the space I highly recommend building one of these.

Enjoy. 🙂


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