Flourless chocolate rasberry cake

I discovered the most awesome cake in the universe (really) about a year ago and the best thing about it (apart from the taste) is it is flourless, so when I went gluten free it stayed on the menu. Yay!

I’ve posted a link to the recipe. Please note that I substituted the cherries for rasberries and when I made it I halved all of the ingredients and still ended up with enough cake to feed 9 people at work and the two of us at home.


mmmm… eeennnjjjooooyyyyyyyy!


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  1. Delerious says:

    this looks amazing m’dear … I’m not a sweet eater but I so want a slice of this action!

    1. idevour says:

      Me either del but this is seriously fine cake. If you’re ever at a Bourke Street Bakery some day you should try it. Heavenly.

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