Pork chops with crackling and fresh figs

Sometimes I just really love a nice pork chop cooked as is. Pork has a wonderful flavour on it’s own and savouring that with a good salad is a perfect meal for me. I buy my pork chops with the skin on and remove it, salt it and fry it skin side down with the pork chop so you don’t miss out on the awesomeness that is crackling.

I served my pork chops, this time, with a gorgeous spanish inspired salad of mixed greens, fresh figs, fried halloumi and caramelised spanish onion wedges.

I also used the pan I sauteed the onions in to then make a delicious dressing of red wine vinegar and honey. A couple of tablespoons of red wine vinegar with a couple of teaspoons of honey brought ‘just’ to the boil on the stove whilst stirring vigorously until runny can be drizzled over the salad and the pork chops if you wish.

Buen apetito!


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