Invasion day carne fest

Just prior to our holiday at the end of last year, my ever so industrious taller half constructed a smoker. It’s called an Ugly Drum Smoker, somewhat inaptly in my opinion as I don’t personally find it that ugly. In any case as the name suggests it is made with a 44 gallon drum complete with roasting rack, thermostat and exhaust holes for flexible temperature control. We decided that Australia Day/Invasion Day, whichever you care to call it, was the perfect opportunity to put our new toy through it’s paces whilst feeding a small hoard in the process.

For the smoking menu we decided on a pork butt covered in rub, moink balls, salmon soaked in a home made brine and another vegetarians worst nightmare aptly named ‘fatty’. This slab of carne is made from the innards of half a kilo of sausage meat with capsicum and jalapenos sandwiched in the centre. I took a few snaps of the meat preparation before too much wine was imbibed. I served a couple of great salads on the side. One was a corn and lentil salad soaked in the flavours of cayene pepper, lime juice and mint and a sweet potato, pine nut, mixed greens, feta and cherry tomato dish drizzled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Vegetarians be warned.

I hope everyone had a great day, whatever you did


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