Moroccan inspired fish, mussels and quinoa

I was itching to make something packed with goodness AND flavour. I’ve featured a dish similar to this in my blog before but decided to up the anti on it and include MORE goodness and flavour.

Ingredients for serving two

3/4 spanish onion sliced into rings
1/4 spanish onion finely diced and crispy fried
1 handful of raisins fired until plump
1 handful of cashew nuts – toasted
1 whole capsicum of any colour sliced into thin rings
1 large piece of fairly boneless white fish
8 mussels
1 cup of quinoa – prepared earlier
1 handful of black beans prepared earlier
1 handful of chickpeas prepared earlier
1 cup of fish stock

Sautee onion rings, capsicum and garlic in a non stick frypan until just starting to soften. Add fish, tomatoes and fish stock and simmer until done. Stir in black beans, chick peas and quinoa then pop mussells on top. Place the lid on the pan tight and steam mussells until they open. Move contents to a large bowl sprinkling torn herb leaves, crispy onion, cashews and raisins on top.




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