Quail, stuffed tomatoes and curried loose ends

Phew. 2010 hey. My how time flies.

Sadly at the end of last year prior to my overseas adventures I was unable to upload all of the great meals we cooked. Now that time has passed the exact ingredients for various things have fallen into the recesses of my memory. Some of these things looked too tasty not to share so I thought I’d pop them up anyway. Some of  the best inspiration for meals comes from snippits of ideas rather than whole recipes so I am sorry I’m lacking all the deatails and hope you enjoy these pics anyway.

My next mission will be to upload some stuff from our trip away. So much food to share and so little time.

This was safron jasmine rice with an indian inspired chicken curry served with pappadams.

This dish involved quail, prosciutto, mixed greens and buckwheat noodles.

This was some kind of yellow split pea concoction with tomatoes stuffed with yellow split peas and served with Kangaroo steaks.

Brocollini, gluten free linguini, chicken and parmesan.



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  1. PTR says:

    Good to have you back again! I’ve missed your gastronomic ramblings.

    1. idevour says:

      Cheers PTR. I’m looking forward to catching up on your general ramblings at some stage, also. 🙂

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