Sweet corn starter with beef ribs and salad main

If you’ve got time to marinate then this is a meal well worth the effort. There’s a million recipes out the for beef rib marinades and after checking many of them out I have tended to make my own variation of others that is well received. I’m pretty loose with the ingredients so I’ll try and write something cohesive.


1/2 cup of BBQ sauce
a generous dollop on honey
a generous dash of soy sauce
a generous dollop mustard
a generous splash of cider vinegar
a splash of lemon juice

Mix ingredients together, coat beef rib and pop in fridge for as much of the day as you have spare.

When ready to cook pop it in the oven on about 200°C for about 1/2 an hour or longer depending on how well you like your meat cooked.


1 mango chopped (nectarine goes really well as well)
1/2 a packet of halloumi (fried)
Mixed greens
Spanish onion goes well with this too if you’d like

Mix ingredients and toss

Corn on the cob

Boil corn until done and serve with Gympie butter. If you can’t get Gympie butter then any butter and some salt will do but Gympie butter makes the salt unnecessary, as will any really good quality salted butter.

Enjoy cowboys and cowgirls. 🙂


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  1. Lorraine says:

    You mention Gympie butter…the market I visit in Sydney no longer sells it, do you know where to buy it from?

    1. idevour says:

      Which market do you go to? I was getting it from Eveleigh Markets at the Carriageworks. The stall used to be there every second week.

  2. Lorraine says:

    The lady who sold Gympie and Bruny island products is no longer there. The organiser’s say “she didn’t meet their charter”. Basically, because she was a reseller of farm produce rather than a producer herself, she was not allowed the stall any more. I think she was more worthy of the stall than the asian kitchen and blini maker that are there every week and don’t seem to do much business.

    1. idevour says:

      Bugger. Last time we went we bought the biggest container they had so we’ll be right for a while. Hopefully somewhere else might pop up. Have you tried emailing Gympie Farm for stockists? I know there are a few in Brisbane but haven’t sighted any for Sydney. I’d also be interested to know.

  3. Lorraine says:

    You’re lucky – I have about a teaspoon left which I am rationing!

    I can’t seem to find any contact details for Gympie Farm, but I have tracked down the stallholders details (her name is Fiona) and have asked her if she sells elsewhere…I will let you know if I hear back

    1. idevour says:

      I found this list posted on another blog for Gympie butter.

      “Pyrmont Good Food market, first Saturday of each month
      North Sydney organic market, third Saturday of each month
      Leichhardt organic market (Orange Grove School), every Saturday
      Frenches Forest organic market, every Sunday”

      You could give the other markets a call before going. If I find any further details I’ll post them here. 🙂

      {edit] From what I can find a lady called camille makes it and this is her email addy.


  4. Lorraine says:

    I go to the Pyrmont one and haven’t seen it there but will find out about the others.
    Fiona replied to me and said the market have stopped her stall because she isn’t a direct employee of the producers, even though the producers have given their permission. What a shame. SHe doesn’t sell anywhere else.

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