Heat, beef, bbq and beer

Well I lied about the beer but it sounded good didn’t it? Summer dining in a nutshell. Sydney hit a balmy 32º yesterday and the lure of outdoor cooking with a glass of wine was too much for both of us.

Scotch fillet steak and salad

There’s not much to this one but who wants to be slaving over a stove making complicated condiments on a hot spring evening?

Throw scotch fillet steak on a very hot BBQ hot plate and cook. Don’t play with it and only turn it once. I like mine rare so only a couple of minutes each side. Then leave it to rest for about 5 minutes and make your salad.

Our salad contained marinated goats feta, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, olives, baby spinach and balsamic.

I can’t recommend the marinated goats feta from ALDI stores highly enough. It’s at least $2 cheaper than the similar products in other supermarkets and is totally multi-purpose. I save the leftover oil to use as salad dressing or to season mushrooms for grilling. It’s full of herbs and peppercorns and tastes fantastic.

Anyway. Here’s to fresh produce and hot summer nights. I was drinking a fairly crisp and just every so slightly fruity Sav/Sem from the the Rose bottleshop in Erskineville. Managers Choice.




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