Home alone

This is a quick healthy dinner for one. Anything that takes under 5 minutes to prepare and serve is a winner when you’re on your own. Especially if it’s this healthy.

Seared tuna with seaweed salad and dipping sauce

1 tuna steak
2 tbs sesame seeds
dash of soy sauce
dash of rice wine vinegar
dash of sesame oil
dash of wasabe paste
seaweed salad

Bring the tuna steak to room temperature or it will stay cold in the middle and coat with sesame seeds.

Place in hot pan for approximately 1 minute either side, you don’t want it fully cooked. Tuna is best when it’s still quite rare.

Mix other ingredients in a small bowl for the sauce.

Serve with seaweed salad and enjoy.


douzo meshiagare!


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